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Wooden (scroll down the page for all styles - then click on your choice)
Our stylish Wood canes are sublime. We offer nothing but top-notch canes with a wide selection of designs and woods to choose from.  We are confident that our selection of wooden walking canes will offer one that matches your personalized tastes and needs. 
Below are the most popular categories.  Click on your choice to view all the canes in that Category.

Spiral Carved Walking Canes

Great Carved Woods!

Derby Handle StyleWalking Canes

Most Popular Style!

Anatomically correct handle Walking Canes

Designed for comfort!

Fritz Handle Style Walking Cane

Hands love this style!

Heavy Duty XL Walking Canes

Need Extra Strong?

Extra Tall Walking Canes

For those "tall" people!

Walking Canes and Walking Sticks

Struttin' with these!

Exotic Wood Walking Canes

Unique elegance!

Crook Handle walking cane

Tourist/Crook style.

Ladies Classy Canes

These explode with Color!

House M.D. Canes

So Popular and Stylish!

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